IHC @ Intermat 2015

Participation by IHC Merwede in the Intermat exhibition in Paris, 2015. Our facility with two storeys, a total floor area of 140m2 and a capacity of more than 150 people, has been integrated for the occasion into an impressive exhibition stand with a terrace, lounge hospitality area, flags up to 12 meters, demonstration areas, and meeting rooms.

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IHC @ Intermat | Mobile Exhibition Stand integrated into the Outdoor Exhibition Area

IHC @ Intermat | Detailed Visual of the whole Exhibition Area designed for the Client

IHC @ Intermat | Giant Expo: A Guaranteed Eye-Catcher on any Indoor or Outdoor Exhibition

IHC @ Intermat | IHC Reception Area

IHC @ Intermat | Hospitality Services offered on the First Floor

IHC @ Intermat | Proud IHC Exhibition Team

IHC @ Intermat | Office Spaces on the Upper Floor

IHC @ Intermat | Lounge Area on the Upper Floor

IHC @ Intermat | Detailed Visual showing the Stand, Terrace, Flags and Custom Branding

IHC @ Intermat | View of the Exhibition Area from the back of the Giant Expo Trailer

IHC @ Intermat | Detailed Visual with a Bird's Eye View of the Exhibition Area

IHC @ Intermat | Welcoming Outdoor Terrace integrated into the Exhibition Area

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