Huawei CEE&N 2015/16

In 2015 and 2016, Huawei has visited its customers in Central / Eastern Europe and Scandinavia with a fully equipped Mobile Expo 01. The trailer was designed and furnished to promote the new networking and communications systems of Huawei. Several pieces of furniture were added to provide the guest with the most welcoming and complete experience possible. The Expo Mobile is again furnished and decorated according to the customer’s wishes in 2016.

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Huawei CEE&N Roadshow 2016 | Completely extended trailer on location in Bosnia

Huawei CEE&N Roadshow 2016 | The Expo Mobile 01 functions as a promotion area for the latest products

Huawei CEE&N Roadshow 2016 | This space has been furnished as a living room to create the ‘full experience’

Huawei CEE&N Roadshow 2016

Huawei CEE&N Roadshow 2016 | The branding of the truck is also adjusted to the corporate identity of the customer

Huawei CEE&N Roadshow 2015 | Ready for Action on a Bright Sunshiny Day!

Huawei CEE&N Roadshow

Huawei CEE&N Roadshow 2015 | A Stadium can serve as an Ideal Roadshow Stop

Huawei CEE&N Roadshow 2015 | Preparing the Trailer for a new Action Day

Huawei CEE&N Roadshow 2015 | Nicely Decorated Area with Communication Tools

Huawei CEE&N Roadshow 2015 | Ample Space for holding Events or Meetings

Huawei CEE&N Roadshow 2015 | Detailed Visuals as Guidelines from Design to Implementation

Huawei CEE&N Roadshow 2015 | From Design to Implementation (2)

Huawei CEE&N Roadshow 2015 | From Design to Implementation (3)

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