Huawei - 3GSM Barcelona

Movico designed and supplied the exhibition booth of Huawei at 3GSM exhibition in Barcelona. Beside their booth in the exhibtion centre, Huawei decided to place a POP-UP store and a stage + screen with live acts on the main square in Barcelona.

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Huawei 3GSM | POP-UP store in Barcelona during exhibtion

Huawei 3GSM | On a main square in Barcelona

Huawei 3GSM | On stage live Chinese dances and music

Huawei 3GSM | Spectators gather for a performance of traditional music representing the different regions and traditions of the old China

Huawei 3GSM | Some of Barcelona's stylish citizens in touche with the latest in Huawei consumer products

Huawei 3GSM | On a main square in Barcelona

Huawei 3GSM | Also during the night Huawei exhibition booth was visible

Huawei 3GSM | Design by Movico during concept phase


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