Brezan @ Brevak 2016

For the biannual sailing trade fair “Brevak”, Brezan Auto Parts chose to employ the Giant Expo 1 as an exhibition space for their new partner Bosch. The exhibition stand with its open appearance served as a welcoming entrance to the ship participating in the exhibition. In a period of three weeks, no less than 14 locations were visited by as many as 7,000 customers and interested parties.

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Brezan @ Brevak 2016 | Direct connection between the exhibition stand and the ship

Brezan @ Brevak 2016 | All guests can have a chat after visiting the first inviting stand before entering the ship

Brezan @ Brevak 2016 | The Giant Expo 1 with its open appearance arouses the interest of the guests

Brezan @ Brevak 2016 | On the top floor, different types of furniture are used for the convenience of guests and speakers

Brezan @ Brevak 2016 | An enclosed area especially for presentations has been created, such that the rest of the space can be optimally used

Brezan @ Brevak 2016 | The Giant Expo 1 as an exhibition stand for the promotion of the cooperation with Bosch on location

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