Why operators are absolutely essential to mobile event marketing

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Published 16 September 2016

From Russia to South America or within Europe, being a tour operator at Movico brings you everywhere! Every week our operators are leaving the premises with the Movico fleet to facilitate the most unique roadshows, exhibitions and sports events. However, there is more to it than driving a truck and building the facility.

"The ultimate goal for me as an operator is to take care of all support activities for the customer, on exciting moments as the start of a trade fair for example, in a professional way and always with a smile." says Kevin. "You're the representative for Movico on site and therefore aim for maximum satisfaction in terms of service. When the customer is satisfied, I've done my job well. "

In order to perform tasks as good as possible, they are informed beforehand in detail about the company, the brand, the campaign and of course the logistics planning.

Arrived on location the set-up of the facility is number one priority, for the customer to experience the hospitality space and has the possibility to initiate small nuances. It is the task of the operator to anticipate as efficiently as possible. This can vary from changing the setting of the tables to fitting of extra air-conditioning, all as desired by the customer.
The day before the event starts early for our men. The entire facility will be cleaned and prepared for use. Thereafter the rooms are furnished with merchandising, products and possible exhibits, which can last until late at night.
The final rehearsal of the customer presentation will be held in the morning of the 1st event day. At this moment everything is tuned and the operator has the ability to solve possible malfunctions on active electrical devices.
The moment guests arrive, the operator fades into the background. Still, the operator is always available for operational activities such as the exchange of furniture, solving technical problems or supporting catering. The operators are trained on multiple aspects in order to carry out this work safely and thereby set the customer free of concerns. During events of several days, weeks or even months, it is ensured the facility is clean every night and can start fresh the following operational day.

All these activities together contribute to one particular goal: to ensure the ultimate experience of the customer and its business relations, which Movico could not complete without her team of proactive, flexible and customer-oriented operators.

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