Valeo on Tour 2016

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Published 11 May 2016

In March, the roadshow Valeo on Tour was launched at the Autotechnica exhibition in Brussels by parts manufacturer Valeo. The roadshow will visit some 100 events this year, throughout 20 countries. By means of this roadshow, Valeo strives to get closer to the customer in order to better convey the expertise and quality of its products and systems.

Start in Brussel

For this roadshow, our spacious “Multi 3” facility has been transformed into a mobile showroom fully equipped with all amenities. 

The main innovations, as well as the vision of Valeo regarding important systems for passenger cars and trucks, will be exhibited on the lower floor of the mobile showroom. A distinction is made between five areas of expertise: lighting, power trains, driver assistance systems, and thermal and comfort systems. The 14 product lines that fall within these areas of expertise are on display in a so-called ‘democar’, which is fully built of acrylic glass and showcased inside the trailer.

Exhibition in Cluj

Exhibition in Brussel

In addition to the product demonstration area, the ground floor also contains a small kitchen, a toilet, and storage or office space.

The upper floor offers ample space for giving presentations and holding meetings.

First Floor

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