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Published 19 April 2016

In January, Samsung Electronics Europe launched the AC innovation tour roadshow. A roadshow with a duration of 10 weeks, during which 42 cities were visited with the purpose of introducing the new air conditioning systems.

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Movico was approached by Samsung last year to jointly develop a unique roadshow concept. The choice fell on our Expo Mobile 4 and Expo Mobile 6. Both facilities were transformed into mobile showrooms. This way, Samsung had the opportunity to allow customers to experience the latest air conditioning systems in both Western and Eastern Europe within a timeframe of only 10 weeks.


After a successful roadshow with as many as 2,500 visitors, the vehicles returned to Deurne in early April.

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Mitchell Hum, Sales Executive at Samsung Electronics Europe and responsible for the roadshow: “This was the first time we organised a roadshow for air conditioning systems. The great advantage of this marketing tool is that customers can immediately experience the systems after an inspiring presentation. The roadshow was a great success for us and it exceeded our expectations.”

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