Product launch: how to genuinely connect with your target group

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Published 06 December 2016

An exhibition building with 14 halls, completely packed with stands about the latest laboratory techniques, physiotherapy and hospital facilities. In other words, MEDICA: the trade fair for life science and healthcare developments. Where one innovation has already surpassed the other and professionals talk about important topics such as "big data" and the Internet of Things, especially one aspect remains to be important: real contact.

The topic "connected healthcare" does not come as a surprise. On many stands, this theme plays a leading role, with different products representing a solution. Imagery, sound, but mainly the experience of the products together, create the experience.

That one unique experience. Your stand fully demonstrates every product, but it is difficult to distinguish yourself from other stands. The risk of an exhibition resides in the fact that the many different stands generate millions of influences and visitors cannot resist, let alone remember.

So how can you keep the attention of your audience and convince them of the strength of your product at the same time? By combining exhibitions with a roadshow for example. With a single presentation area, your brand will catch the eye at any exhibition, and you have the opportunity to surprise (potential) customers with a personal visit.

Philips Healthcare Roadshow in Bordeaux (FR) Philips Healthcare Roadshow

Experience with a leading customer in healthcare shows it delivers good results and many positive reactions when approaching professionals in their own environment. This way, they can test innovations directly without having to leave their own working area. Plus, you will be saving costs using only one facility.

Our fleet of double extendable vehicles offers various possibilities for product promotion, demonstrations, and training. For more inspiration, feel free to have a look at previous projects!

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