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Published 12 January 2017

With a mileage of more than 500,000 kilometres, many successful events were organised last year. Both national and international roadshows and sporting events ensured our customers reached their target group at the desired location in a unique manner. But how can you develop a roadshow into the ultimate marketing tool? Or organise a sports event more efficiently? And what is possible developing these ideas?

For inspiration we selected five successful but different projects from 2016 and listed them below!

Kicking off in 2016 with Samsung’s product launch
The starting signal was given by Samsung Air Conditioning. This roadshow announced the introduction of its latest air-conditioning systems. The aim was to promote these devices in Western and Eastern Europe. Due to the vulnerability of the products, it wasn’t possible to transport and install the air-conditioning systems. Normally, the new systems were introduced with only a presentation at customer locations. For the roadshow, the systems have been built into the mobile facility, which made it possible to actually demonstrate them on location. Interior branding showed additional explanations, subsequent to the design of the corporate identity.

Op Locatie

Complete mobile finish location dressed up in pink
One of the most famous bicycle races in Europe, Giro d'Italia, started in the Netherlands this year. For the 11th consecutive year, the race was equipped in its entirety with multiple objects. Not only at the finish, but the start location did well with hospitality for the VIP guests viewing the stage where the cycling teams were presented to a large audience. A finish lane consisting of a Finish Arch, ample Press Units, a Mobile Podium, grandstands and VIP Hospitality was built in one day, dismantled and moved to the next location.

A new development was the integrated LED panels in the Mobile Podium, where the race could be followed on the screen, but was also used to display different sponsor logos during the award ceremony. In line with the corporate identity both exterior and interior was covered in pink.

Giro d'Italia Big Start NL 16

Valvoline celebrates anniversary with its customers across Europe
Leading oil specialist Valvoline decided to celebrate its 150th anniversary in a special way and organised a roadshow through Europe. Hospitality and presentations could be combined in an eye-catching mobile centre with a two storeys. On the ground floor guests were taken along the story of 150 years Valvoline by means of their products, but also branding images on the walls. On the first floor presentations were given with space for more than 40 people. Together with the customer a design for exterior and interior was conceived based on the corporate identity of Valvoline that supported the story.

VIP Hospitality with direct view on the slope
Last year, again two crew members left towards the snowy peaks in France; Critérium de la première neige in Val d'Isere. The Press Units had a direct view on the finish, where one could deliver live coverage. For a large number of VIP guests a hospitality unit was realised, consisting of two floors. This provided space for a warm welcome for guests on the ground floor and a direct view on the course on the first floor. Both facilities underwent logo branding, in line with the branding of the rest of the event.

Val d'Isère Women

Creation of unique experience and ambient with Brown & White Goods
For both Samsung Brown Goods and White Goods, the roadshow facility was completely transformed into the ultimate experience. You stepped into a living room fully furnished with furniture, curtains and the latest TV screens with the Brown Goods roadshow, were on the other hand you stepped in the White Goods roadshow into a demonstration area with washing machines, freezers and refrigerators. With both facilities on-site trainings were given  aiming to train as many resellers at one location at a time. Based on experience in logistics a tour schedule was set up whereby an average of 38 sites could be visited in two months.

Samsung Academy Brown Goods 2016

As organiser of a marathon, cycle race or ski event you want to welcome your VIP guests at a stunning hospitality area, or provide press facilities along the line during a blistering finish. As a marketeer you look for the right tool to get your latest product on the market or give it a sales boost, but how to get in contact with your target group? All questions that are daily asked and we are happy to work with you in 2017 and look for the best and most efficient solution.

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