Glimpse of the future: 3 trends in the world of Sports Events

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Published 09 May 2017

With over 20 years of experience, Movico is a major player in the world of sporting events. Mobile facilities in the field of press, hospitality, jury and offices are often used because of their flexibility to set up temporary locations for events. This is also lived to see by Eric Kersten, owner of The Organizing Connection. Together we take a look at the future, new trends and developments.

Organisation: How do you remain relevant?
Sports associations are one good example: membership of an association is a criterion for taking part in competitions, but amateur sports has almost been forgotten. In order to remain relevant, it is important not to forget the great majority. Other organisations see potential here and are gradually starting to create new events, often with fewer rules and requirements.

As organisations often work with long-term contracts, they have often set the rules not based on current trends. "I don’t think organisations will change the set-up events drastically in the coming years, but that creates an even bigger challenge to stand out," says Eric. Often, the rules these organisations should take into account are forgotten at the moment an event is being granted. It is then often a challenge for the contracting party to minimise annoyance in the field of logistics as much as possible.

Experience: How important is 'the race'?
Regardless of the rules and requirements, it is not just the competition which counts. "The time of just sticking a logo here and there is over," according to Eric. "It is also a matter of experience and adventure in sporting events, and there is still so much to be gained in this area."

Independent organisations and brands achieve competitive advantage by inventing new concepts with their own rules. By choosing unique locations they try to make the experience attractive and accessible to a very wide audience: they bring the event to the crowd instead of vice versa. "The demand for mobile facilities will therefore only grow, as it should be a unique, distinctive, and above all, fantastic experience that minimises the environmental impact." In other words, the fastest set-up and dismantling possible."

An increasing trend is the integration of LED. "The multi-functionality of this technology offers tremendous opportunities for both companies and sponsors." Videos, news, branding, live broadcasting, all contribute to the creation of an experience. Nowadays, there is a LED screen to be found at almost every event, which is not only showcasing the race but shows other entertainment for the visitor as well. "The integration of LED in Movico's various facilities, for example for hospitality and stages, is, therefore, a very valuable combination," says Eric.

Ultimate Focus: Relationship Marketing
Busy, busy, everyone is busy. Therefore it is a given for organisations that their event should be different from others. The best results are often achieved only when a high-end experience is offered to turn it into a beautiful and interesting experience for everyone. "Before, for example, helicopter flights have already been offered to VIPs, challenging organisations to continually try to innovate." Perhaps snacks and drinks will be offered by your personal drone in the near future?

Ideal venue of the future
"In the future, security and accessibility are more and more important to visitors, as well as to create a fantastic path for its customers. Not just at the beginning of the event, but at the moment the visitor decides to attend the event. Key is to respond to their attendance in first stages of attention, instead of a competition only that lasts half an hour, you want to fascinate and surprise visitors all day. "

In short: create the WOW-effect, every time again. And you’ve only achieved this when you have created a perfect day for someone who is not even a fan!

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