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Published 18 August 2014

Trans-Atlantische UnitsAt this moment, in cooperation with Communits, the finishing touches are put on a new mobile solution with which we are going to travel across the world. Currently, we are already on the move on other continents for some customers, but this solution will make "conquering" the world or operating worldwide orders easier and faster.

Around the world in style
The pavilion has no wheels for a change, but is shipped overseas in 2 standard 40 foot containers. This way, transatlantic crossings and rail transport are also among the possibilities. The complete structure consists of two floors and has a total surface area of 345 m². With this solution, worldwide uniformity is guaranteed for all our customers, completely in their own style and design.

VIP experience
This new mobile solution can serve excellently on events as a VIP hospitality area, a presentation room or an experience centre. In just one day, this eye-catcher is completely set up and ready to receive your relations in style. We will soon present this new concept in the south of Spain, after which it will travel all around the world as a beautifully and tastefully decorated VIP area for a global and prestigious sailing event.

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