Kids Action Truck

Mobile Playground
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Kids Action Truck: Mobile Playground

Kids Action Truck: Mobile Playground

The Kids Action Truck is the ideal way to reach and activate children and their families at any location!

Advantages Kids Action Truck:

- Set-up time 2 hours
- Unique marketing concept (download brochure for more info)
- Eye-catcher for your brand or sponsors
- Strong promotion and brand activation tool
- Audio installation present on board

Playground features:

- Transparent playing floors
- Ball pit with slide (< 5 years)
- Crawling tubes, rope ladders, network of tunnels
- Big slide leading outside
- Stage with various games
- Enormous screen
- Fog machine

Extra strong as part of a cross-media campaign, in combination with e.g. websites, advertisements and school programs, the Kids Action Trick allows you to create a unique brand experience for young and old!

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